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Dolma International limited

City: Shenzhen

Province/State: Guangdong

Country/Region:  China

Quantum Bio-Electric System (QMR-918)

Model NO.:QMR-918
Unit Price/Payment:Western Union, Paypal, Wire
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Packing:Black PU Box
Min. Order:10
Type:Biochemistry Analyzer
Classification:Biological Diagnostics
20*15*6 Cm:1.5kg
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Product Description

Our Quantum Bio-electric system are using Bio-electric system it can provide those report:

1. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
2. Gastrointestinal Function
3. Liver Function
4. Gallbladder Function
5. Pancreatic Function
6. Kidney Function
7. Lung Function
8. Brain Nerve
9. Bone Disease
10. Bone Mineral Density

11. Rheumatoid Bone Disease
12. Blood Sugar
13. Basic Physical Quality
14. Human Toxin
15. Trace Elements
16. Amino Acid
17. Endocrine System
18. Immune System
19. Gynecology (female)
20. Skin

21. Breast (female)
22. Element of human
23. Prostate (male)
24. Male Sexual Function(male)

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