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Trade Fairs as a marketing tool

Trade fairs are time- and (often) sector-defined marketing occasions where the essential products and innovations of the exhibiting industry or services provider are displayed by a variety of companies targeting interested purchasers and market individuals- the visitors.

Trade fairs are usually organized by industry associations, or by specialized exhibition companies. They are a real-time, interactive environment combining supply and need in a specific place, promoting the formation and growth of markets and market sectors and one can differentiate three financial functions of trade fairs, specifically the exchange of items, the sharing of information and the promotion of items and organizations.

Drive awareness and attendance to your exhibition booth

Trade fairs make possible for business to undertake market research and to promote themselves. Some trade fairs even permit businesses to sell their products, thereby assisting to generate sales. Enable a company to market products and create positive publicity. It is likewise an online forum where you can make contact with potential consumers and to sell to them on a face-to-face basis (connecting personal selling to direct marketing).

We are confident that international trade fairs are among the best marketing channels readily available to a company.

We wish to help drive awareness and optimum attendance to your exhibition booth. Using a range of pre-event techniques, understanding and defining a company’s target audience, engaging this audience through a series of marketing, social networks and interaction techniques.

As expert exhibit and trade convention organizers, TopFree Biz can create and develop striking exhibit booth designs which include using new innovations and strategies to enhance the attendee experience, resulting in higher traffic to the stand. This fresh and imaginative method to event marketing breathes new life into existing exhibition activities.
To finish our service, we are able to offer you with complex data on the results of your exhibition as which will measure your returns and justify your exhibition activity.